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Nisaa in the News

The Yale Globalist - “NISAA FM is all about inspiration and em­powerment. Inspiration is very important in our society. Through [the] airwaves we can share our experience and knowledge, and support women to realize themselves,” says Maysoun Gangat, director of NISAA FM.

IMS - Media in Palestine remains primarily a man’s world. But Radio NISAA, the first commercial women’s radio station in the Middle East run by women, works to break the mold and alter the stereotypical representation of women in Palestinian media

Patheos - One of the first all-women radio stations in the Arab world was launched from the most unlikely of places, the West Bank. Appropriately titled NISAA FM, (nisaa means “woman” in Arabic) this station is by women, for women.

World Pulse – The Palestinian society is still a traditional one, where women have more limited access to public places and to the labor market than men. Roadblocks, the Separation Wall, and a political divide increase the segregation of women who consequently have fewer and fewer connections with the outside world. NISAA FM is a pioneering project in the whole Middle East area, aiming to offer a platform of greater connectivity, dialogue and information sharing for Palestinian women in their country and abroad.

IPS News - “The thing I love (most) in my programme is when I interview simple women from the villages, because they are successful and (are doing) something different in their society,” says the 31-year-old radio producer, a native of the Qalandiya refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

The Telegraph - In a culture where women have fewer rights and are the main target of 'honour killings', Louisa Peacock interviews the Palestinian woman running Radio Nisaa, the all-female radio station hoping to break down stereotypes by giving local women their say