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Our Partners
13 December 2017

Nisaa FM was created as a joint initiative between the Womanity Foundation and the Nisaa for Broadcasting Radio Company. The Womanity Foundation is an independent private foundation established in 2005 and registered in Switzerland, Afghanistan, the UK and the USA (under the auspices of the King Baudouin Foundation USA). Womanity works to accelerate progress for women and their communities. It empowers girls and women to shape their own futures and contribute to their equal and full social, economic and political participation in society. Womanity provides holistic solutions to today’s women and girls’ empowerment challenges, and invests in keeping women safe, giving women a voice through the media, as well as through girls’ education and training. With its partners, Womanity ignites positive change through creating and supporting innovative ways to empower women and girls; in addition, the Foundation replicates and scales-up models of excellence to achieve greater gender equality.

For more information about the Womanity Foundation, please visit their website

Nisaa FM has gone from strength to strength since its launch in late 2009, and has already come a long way in achieving the vision and mission statement it was founded on. Proud of, and humbled by the progress made and the station's positive reception locally and internationally, Nisaa FM is fully aware that its many achievements have only been possible through the funding, support and assistance provided by a broad range of partner organizations: