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Awards and achievements
02 September 2015


Highlights of Nisaa FM

Combatting violence against women: Nisaa FM partnered with a number of local and international organizations to implement projects and participate in several campaigns that aimed at eliminating violence against women; it was implemented through several projects KAFA, Together against GBV and Eliminating Violence against Women Symposium and Aman(Safety).

Women empowerment and rights: Nisaa FM implemented a HRBA in implementing its projects focusing on international standards. We focused on political participation as well as civil, economic, social and cultural rights we also focused on youth and people with disabilities as well as on all Palestinian women in all areas West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem with a specific morning show program for Palestinian women in the Diaspora and worldwide; it was implemented through several projects Women in Elections, Muftah al Qada (Key to the Judiciary) and Tawasol (Connections), Women in the Diaspora, b 100 Ragel (worth 100 men), Forgotten Rights Sabah Wattani (National Morning), Nisaa fe al hukom al Mahalii (Nisaa in the Local Government) Al Ta’wonyat (Co-op Associations), Women’s health, Al Rujulah (Masculinity)  Sa’et Hiwar Khat Ahmar (An hour Discussion – red line), Andyat el Nazaha (integrity clubs) Aynon Alyha (have eye on her), Al-Qadi Ytahadath (The Judge Speaks), Civic participation of women in public sphere and Speak UP!

Women entrepreneurs in Palestine: We believe in empowering women leadership, entrepreneurship and providing tools, skills and opportunities through our programs and projects we also focused on women in the agricultural sector among these project; Fi Al Qiyadeh (Entrepreneurship) Yad-byad (Hand-by-Hand) Sanabel Al Ard (Fruits of the Earth) Nisaa ykodn al Taghieer (Nisaa taking the lead), Taswaq (shopping) and Majalesna Behajetna (Our local councils need us).

Together we succeeded!

Throughout the past 10 years Nisaa FM successfully implemented life- changing radio shows, shared stories and connected people:

  • At least we produced and  broadcasted 9072; core radio shows
  • At least we produced and broadcasted 1600; non-core shows

With the continuous support of more than 50 local regional and international partners we had a remarkable impact on:

  • 5200 Palestinian women directly through participating in our radio shows, workshops and training courses;
  • 600 teenagers from different school and different geographical areas across the oPt who participated in our radio talks and meeting and listened to our radio shows;
  • 300,000 listeners (women, men, people with disabilities, youth and others) who tuned to Radio Nisaa
  • 50,000 social media followers.

We refuse to be ordinary ...check our facts and figures for 2019!

These are some of our major achievements related to networking and outreach at Nisaa FM for 2019:

Listeners tuning facts:

  • 340,000 females & males Listeners tuning in to Radio Nisaa’s programs
  • Men constitute 57% of the total listenership for Radio Nisaa, tuning in specifically for the morning shows
  • 96% of all Radio Nisaa listeners believe that the station has a positive impact on the lives of women in Palestine
  • Over 5,000 beneficiaries since the launch of the radio station benefited from capacity building on media training, marketing training and other Beneficiaries of capacity-building programs.
  • 91% of all Radio Nisaa listeners support the participation of women in elections as candidates (compared to 76% of non-listeners)
  • 85% of all Radio Nisaa listeners support the work of women
  • Over 50 Partner organizations including local ministries, civil society organizations, foreign media organizations and International non-profits.

Facebook Facts:

  • Nisaa FM is active on different social media platforms our followers within the past two months sharply increased (at least doubled)[1] and reached to 265k follower (organic followers) new young audience, mainly, young women aged 18-35 years. The percentage of women is 65% and men 35%. In addition, there is an interactive audience with publications and topics published on the page and from different countries. The new audience was reached without any sponsorship and drawing on the attractive topics and hot topics.
  • Total followers on Facebook in general are 54% females and 45% males; with 40% are between 18-34 years old.
  • The increase on our Facebook had a significant impact on our website as until the end of June 2019 total number of new users doubled compared to 2018. New users reached up to 19,327.
  • 25,961 sessions with an average of 1.86 page per session
  • At least 56% of Nisaa FM website users are Palestinians and the rest are viewing from different countries for instance 5.67% are from USA.

YouTube Facts:

  • 44 subscribers on Radio Nisaa YouTube Chanel.
  • During the past two years, numbers of views on YouTube escalated to reach 4.2K views on some videos.

[1] By end of May 2019 total followers of Nisaa FM was 51,472 followers. Nisaa FM aims to reach 500,000 organic followers before the end of 2019