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13 September 2015

“The story of Radio Nisaa is the perfect example of what entrepreneurial spirit can achieve when put to a good cause. Having a large and mixed audience, being able to give women a voice in society, training girls to be journalists and discussing issues that are often not discussed, is what makes Nisaa such an amazing success. We’re so proud to have been associated with Maysoun and the team which has created an inspiring company which has become a reference in the region and around the world,” - Yann Borgstedt, President of the Womanity Foundation

“I listen to NISAA FM because it is dedicated mostly to women. I like several shows of their programming. For example, there is a segment during the noon show that raises awareness on women’s rights. It is very inspiring for me and for other women as well. Many women in Palestine do not know their rights. NISAA is giving us an opportunity to be informed and to share our opinions in a discreet way, without disclosing our identity. I also like to listen to noon show, because it discusses many issues I am interested in, such us beauty tips and health issues,” - lham Al Zarbaq, housewife, listener of NISAA FM from Salfit, Central West Bank.

“[Radio] Nisaa is successfully treading a fine line between campaigning and raising awareness through open debate. While it prioritizes women’s issues and is presented almost exclusively by progressive women, it does not alienate men. Its management and presentation bring a perspective and balance to its output that is not achieved by the other stations, which are dominated by men,” - Jeremy Timmins, Independent Assessor of Radio Nisaa, and former BBC journalist.

“[Although] the name of the station might imply an audience of women only (Nisaa means 'woman’ in Arabic), men also listen to the station at a slightly higher rate than women, especially in the early morning hours. This is fulfilling the radio station’s mission to engage men in the discussion on gender equality, ” - AWRAD Report 2013.