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Women in elections
13 December 2017

The main goal of this project was to increase gender equality in the Palestinian municipal elections 2016.

The project, which was conducted in partnership with the United Nations Women’s Commission and the Central Election
Commission and realised with support from the Norwegian government, aimed at enhancing the participation of Palestinian
women in politics and decision-making positions with the approach of the October 8 2016 elections in mind.

This was done through increasing the attention in the Palestinian public on gender equality issues in the election, informing the public about the female candidates and their political standpoint and visions, and providing a list of recommendations on how gender equality can be improved. Female council members was invited to the Nisaa FM studio to talk about what kind of gender related challenges they face in their civic work. The council members told the audience about their work in the municipal councils and their political visions. After the election new female council members was invited as well. Furthermore Nisaa FM hosted workshops with participants of the shows, gender experts and women organizations to discuss how to ensure gender equality in the upcoming elections and elections in the future. 

Nisaa FM facilitated a preliminary workshop August 27 2016 which served as a brainstorming session and discussion with different organizations involved with women issues. The purpose was to select the different topics to be discussed on air during the radio shows. Through cooperation between individuals working tirelessly with gender issues and women in politics in particular the participants came up with several interesting topics to be presented, for instance:

- how women effectively become candidates

- how women are able to show their worth and independency as candidates

- women’s rights in the election processes

- how female candidates can state their cases and vision to the people and the world during election

- the difficulties and problems female candidates are faced with.


All aired programs are available at www.radionissa.ps (Arabic only)