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Together Against Gender-Based Violence
15 November 2017

The project was conducted by Radio Nisaa FM with the support of USAID to increase awareness of gender-based violence (GBV) and its consequences for women, families and society. The first show aired October 9 2016.

The overall goal of the project was to raise awareness of the consequences of GBV and the available possibilities for seeking legal advice and support for victims of GBV and the norms and customs that sanction GBV. 

The project consisted of: 

- workshops with women’s right organizations and the Ministry of Women Affairs

- radio shows three times a week in which an expert on GBV was included every time

- a number of open air debates broadcasted live

- a number of awareness sessions with women from villages especially exposed to GBV. 


Awareness session

On Tuesday, October 4 2016, Nisaa facilitated an awareness session with women from a village in which the participants discussed an array of different topics regarding violence against women.

The discussion was lead by a representative from the Ministry of Women Affairs who with Nisaa FM director, Maysoun Odeh, began the session by pointing out the importance of including the voices of women from Palestinian villages when conducting the radio show. Thus the awareness session served two main purposes; firstly to build the pillars of the radio show on discussions with and real-live stories from women living in the Palestine communities and secondly to interact with women in Palestinian villages by having productive discussions on how gender-based violence can manifest itself in different ways. The session mainly revolved around what defines GBV and that it does not only include physical violence, but also be mental and/or verbal violence.