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Deutsche Welle and Radio Nisaa hold training for launch of “Speak Up!”
20 July 2016

Nisaa FM: - In the summer of 2016, The Deutsche Welle Cooperation and Radio Nisaa FM, held training sessions at the Heinrich Boll Foundation in Ramallah for eight journalist students from different Palestinian universities, including Hebron, Bir Zeit and Nablus.

The students was trained to teach at the 2016-“Speak Up! Palestinian youth goes radio” summer camp, which took place in the end of July, aiming to increase media literacy among young Palestinians. The participants in the camp would be trained in making their own radio shows talking about the experiences, problems and challenges of young people today, under the main theme “Youth in Palestinian society”.

The training of the students seeked to teach the young Palestinian journalists how to transfer their knowledge of media to school students and increase their interest in studying media. 


For more information on the summer camp please click here.

To listen to an interview with trainer Manuela Romer from Deutsche Welle, please follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/radionisaa96fm/q9mtuo2pnqxi

“The training is an experience in the ways of communicating with children and students, and open the way for them to express their problems and challenges they face on a media platform like Nisaa FM”, says Lena Dwabh of Nablus University.

For an interview with Lena please follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/radionisaa96fm/fce52dt0a8sx