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Trainees from Al Quds University, Birzeit University and Modern Community College
17 September 2015

Since 2011, Nisaa FM has cooperated with a number of Palestinian universities in training students in basic reporting and
broadcasting techniques. Throughout the traineeship, the students – who in most cases have no prior practical experience
in live-broadcasting and reporting – are taught all the technical skills relevant to working as a radio presenter: 
how to produce radio programs, write scripts, conduct vox-pops, use the technical equipment in the studio, record audio-bites
and edit them – and much more.

In addition to the technical training, the interns also assisted with production of contents and reports for Nisaa FM’s coreprograms.
Many of them continued to report for the station after their traineeship was over, and a number have been hired asprofessional
paid reporters at Nisaa FM.


Over the years, dozens of trainees have passed through Nisaa FM’s Ramallah studios, many of them going on to create careers
for themselves at other Palestinian media outlets. Rand Khdair, now a presenter at the Palestinian television station Al Falastinia,
was trained at Nisaa FM in 2011. While passionate about the work being done at Nisaa FM, Rand had an ambition to work in television.
With the technical and theoretical expertise she attained throughout her university studies and traineeship at Nisaa FM, 
she has worked hard to overcome the challenges and prejudices women are faced with in contemporary Palestinian media.
Nisaa FM is proud that her patience and determination paid off: Rand today presents her own morning show on Al Falastinia.