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Kalam Nisaa (Women’s Talk)
08 September 2015

Kalam Nisaa is a noon show that started airing on Nisaa FM in 2012, and is presented by Israa Orabi. It discusses issues related to family, the economic empowerment of women, women’s rights, women and sports, women and innovation, and much more.The show is structured around a broad range of segments that are addressed on different days throughout the week. Inspiration and information for the show’s content is taken from trusted internet websites, local and international newspapers, TV channels, and interviews with specialists. Popular segments include:

       - Family - relations between husband and wife, problems they face in their marriage, for example divorce or neglect. It also focuses on the good parts of married life, and how couples can work together to resolve their problems
       - Decoration - interior design for homes, lights, colors, new design trends, and products for home decoration
       - Women in the Kitchen - new recipe suggestions upon recommendations from professional chefs
       - Etiquette World - tipping on etiquette, child-rearing, how to speak in public, interact with employees at the work place etc.
       - The Fashion World - latest trends in men’s and women’s fashion, including hair, make-up, wedding dresses and much more
       - Medicine on Air - diseases of all kinds, with a special focus on those related to women’s health, pregnancy, children and nutrition
       - Magazine Round - topics addressed in different magazines, for example beauty, health, fashion, sports
       - Corner of Rights – information that helps make men and women aware of their rights; one day a week there is a focus on comparing men and women’s point of view on specific topics, for example sports, marriage, and much more
       - You and Your Child - a mother’s relation with her children
       - Organizations - the work done by, primarily, local organizations that support and advance women’s rights and empowerment
       - Women and Sports - the most helpful sport activities and exercises for pregnant women, recommended sports for elderly men and women, as well as the latest sports news
       - Auto World - information about the newest car models, advice on maintenance of the family car etc.
       - Social Media - news on social media, as well as how it affects people’s everyday life

While there is no direct listener participation on the show, discussion and audience engagement takes place on the station’s Facebook page. For Israa, the reason behind Kalam Nisaa’s success is to be found in how the show differs from the station’s other shows by taking up personal and family issues that are important to all Palestinian women.