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Qahweh Mzboot (Morning Coffee)
13 December 2017

Qahweh Mzboot is Nisaa FM's morning show on which Duaa Sayouri covers the most recent economic, social, and cultural  topics as well as local and international news. Qahweh Mzboot's large and loyal audience of both men and women from across Palestine is testimony to the fact that it is one of Nisaa FM's most popular shows. Over the last two years, the show has been on the rise in the market shares of the audience compared to the audience of other radio stations.

Qahweh Mzboot features a diverse range of segments ranging from news, information on issues such as education, culture, and health as well as success stories on women’s economic empowerment, women’s rights, women and sports, women and innovation and family matters. The first 30 minutes of the daily programming goes through the day’s main news headlines in local and international electronic and print media. This segment is followed by 30 minutes focusing on one or two topics from local news that an expert is invited to discuss on the phone.

Throughout the week, the show devotes a specific segment to reports from Nisaa FM’s correspondents in Gaza and Jerusalem. An additional weekly segment, aired on Wednesday mornings, is called "Women in the Diaspora", produced in collaboration with the Womanity Foundation. Once a week, the show will bring interviews with Palestinian women in the Diaspora, thereby increasing their visibility in contemporary Palestinian everyday life, and showcasing the innovative spirit of Palestinians abroad - especially the women - along with their commitment to promoting a Palestinian identity.

Particularly popular on Qaweh Mzboot is a segment called the “Discussion File”: here, Duaa, asks the “Question of the day” and offers listeners the possibility to call in and voice their opinion on air. Research has shown that listeners enjoy the interactivity of this format.