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“B 100 Ragl” (“Worth 100 Men”)
07 September 2015

In 2012, the Womanity Foundation in partnership with Radio Nisaa FM and Global Production from Egypt conceived a radio fiction series to foster a constructive debate on women’s empowerment in Arab-speaking countries, starting with the Palestinian territories and Egypt.

Between March and September 2014, the fiction series was broadcast on 10 radio stations across the Arab world, namely the Palestinian Territories, Egypt (3 stations), Morocco, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The broadcasting of the fiction series was accompanied by radio talk shows (on Radio Nisaa in the Palestinian Territories, Radio Yemen Times in Yemen and Radio Aswat in Morocco) focusing on women’s issues such as domestic violence, divorce, sexual harassment, economic empowerment, the role of women in the media and as social, cultural and economic leaders. Listeners were encouraged to contribute their own experiences and opinions, and conversations around these issues took place on Facebook, Twitter (@b100ragl and #b100ragl) and on the “B 100 Ragl” Blog.

Find out more at the B 100 Ragl-website


The narrative of the series

The series, designed in late 2012 and produced in 2013, tells the story of Noha, a young Arab radio journalist who struggles to find her place in a society, where women are confined to marginal roles. Despite her competences and skills, Noha has a minor job at the radio station where she works. Dissatisfied with her position and driven by her professional ethics, Noha decides that it is time to pursue her aspiration to be an investigative reporter.

Through her work, private life and relationships, Noha opens new perspectives on a wide range of social issues and, centrally, on women’s role in society; women’s social and economic empowerment; their participation to public life; domestic violence and sexual harassment; and family relationships and romance.


A series with a broad impact

The broadcast of the fiction series harnessed a much broader network of media platforms, civil society
actors, cultural centers, and private individuals than first anticipated. Millions of men and women listened
to the radio series, and the program attracted nearly 140,000 followers to social media sites where debate
and commentary took place. The radio stations that broadcasted the radio fiction, graded the project
7.4/10 for its capacity to discuss in an innovative and effective way, the role of women in Arab societies.

Based on samples, the evaluation conducted by Oxfam Novib and its local partners (the Palestinian
NGO, WCLAC, in particular) showed that negative attitudes to women and to issues affecting women were significantly reduced after listening to the show.


More information about the impact and evaluation of "B 100 Ragl" is available in the Final Report prepared by Womanity.