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Sanabel Al Ard (Fruits of the Earth)
06 September 2015

A weekly program of 10 one-hour episodes, aired from March to May 2015.

The program focused on developing the role of women in Palestine’s agricultural sector, as well as highlighting the importance of agriculture in resisting occupation of Palestinian land.

"Sanabel Al Ard" was developed in cooperation with the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), a Palestinian NGO that works to empower Palestinian small-scale farmers (both men and women) by protecting their rights and advocating the important role they play in developing a Palestinian state that is food secure and has sovereignty over its resources.

The program’s episodes were structured around the projects of individual women and the support they receive from the UAWC representative responsible for their project.

Topics taken up in the weekly episodes included:

       - how to enhance women’s role in agriculture;
       - the right of women to inherit land;
       - how women’s employment in the agricultural sector reflects positively on the economy;
       - how society looks on women’s participation in agriculture

The program sparked many discussions on Radio Nisaa FM’s Facebook page, a testimony to the importance of addressing the question of women’s role in the agricultural sector. In cooperation with the UAWC, the program supported the rights and abilities of women to create an agricultural project as a means of sustaining themselves economically, and playing a constructive role in the resistance against occupation of Palestinian land.