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Yad-byad (Hand-by-hand)
06 September 2015

A weekly one-hour program aired in 2015 with the aim of strengthening the basic business and management skills of
entrepreneurial Palestinian women.

The program was funded by the Canadian Development Fund, and developed in cooperation with the
Palestinian Business Women’s Association (ASALA), a Palestinian development organization that contributes
to the empowerment of Palestinian women with lower income, enabling them to change their economic and social conditions.

Every week, the program featured a new story about a Palestinian woman with a business project, typically a product (food, needle-work, soap, and more) that she was skilled at producing, but lacked knowledge about how to market and sell in the most efficient way. With a representative from ASALA in the studio, the program provided support and information about basic financial management and marketing skills. Many of the women who participated in the program have later, as a result of the exposure they gained, experienced a significant increase in their sales and visibility on the market. 

By strengthening women’s abilities to create their own successful micro- and small-income generating projects, the program supported the economic empowerment of women. It also had an important mandate in showcasing successful stories of women who managed to overcome the many obstacles to achieving economic independence, providing a source of inspiration to the many women hoping to do the same.