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APIC announces USD 200,000 urgent support to the Palestine Red Crescent Society in contribution to their tremendous medical and relief efforts in Gaza
01 November 2023


Ramallah, Palestine, October 31, 2023 

Mr. Tarek Aggad, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and CEO of Arab Palestinian Investment Company - APIC, announces the donation of USD 200,000 to the Palestine Red Crescent Society - PRCS, in support of its medical and relief efforts to our people in Gaza during the war against them. The vital support is directed towards securing essential life-saving medical equipment and facilitating the delivery of crucial medical and relief services to our people in various parts of the devastated Gaza Strip. 

Aggad commented on the remarkable dedication and courage exhibited by the PRCS team, notably the heroic ambulance crews who tirelessly perform their humanitarian duties despite constant exposure to danger; they operate ceaselessly amid this harrowing conflict, facing grim realities as they tend to the thousands of wounded and transport martyrs, especially children and women. Their unwavering commitment is apparent, as they endure extraordinary psychological, mental, and physical pressures while operating under challenging conditions, including lack of electricity and frequent communication disruptions. Aggad fervently urges both companies and individuals, whether local or international, to contribute whatever they can, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. He stresses the imperative need for immediate support, urging all to extend a helping hand within their means during these trying and sorrowful times. Underscoring the urgency of uniting efforts to alleviate the suffering of our people and address their fundamental requirements, including shelter, sustenance, nourishment, psychological support, medical provisions, relief materials, and humanitarian assistance. These are vital in preserving lives and upholding human dignity. Aggad earnestly calls upon anyone who can respond to this urgent appeal to donate to the PRCS, as detailed on their website through the following links: 



On his part, Dr. Bashar Murad, PRCS Executive Director in Gaza, indicated that the organization has been - from the very beginning, declaring a state of emergency at level three. This includes mobilizing all human and financial resources for an effective response, building on its leading role alongside other service providers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Response includes ambulance and emergency services, hospitals, relief programs, and humanitarian aid management and distribution, among others. The teams continue working around the clock for the past 25 days since the start of the war in all the areas of the Gaza Strip. Dr. Murad went on to thank APIC for the support provided to PRCS to assist the afflicted during these harsh conditions.