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Africa4Palestine joins South Africans in welcoming President Ramaphosa and ANC's slamming of Israeli Brutality
15 October 2023

Nisaa FM - This morning, President Cyril Ramaphosa, along with the entire NEC leadership of South Africa's governing party, the ANC (comprising Government Ministers, Premiers, MPs, etc.), held an emergency press conference. They were dressed in full black and wore the Palestinian keffiyeh scarf to show support for the Palestinian struggle.

The press conference follows Israel's evacuation order issued yesterday, demanding that almost 1.1 million Palestinians evacuate their homes within 24 hours. The order to vacate their houses has been strongly criticized by the United Nations and many others, with many labeling it as an "impossible task" and "genocidal."

"The United Nations considers it impossible for such a movement to take place without devastating humanitarian consequences," stated Stéphane Dujarric of the United Nations.

President Ramaphosa, speaking on behalf of the ANC, expressed a similar sentiment: "The worst part is when the Israeli government now says 1.1 million people must evacuate the northern part of Gaza...it is in the end going to amount to almost genocide."

Ramaphosa further emphasized: "[The Palestinians] have been under occupation for almost 75 years and ... have been waging a struggle against an oppressive government that has occupied their land, but also a government that has in recent times been dubbed an apartheid state. As people in an organization [the ANC] that has struggled against an oppressive system of apartheid [here in South Africa], we pledge solidarity with the Palestinians."

The human rights organization Africa4Palestine welcomes President Cyril Ramaphosa's position, the ANC's stance, and the South African government's support for the Palestinian struggle as well as them drawing attention to the root cause of the recent violence, which is Israel's dispossession and occupation of the Palestinians.

In an earlier statement, the South African government expressed that the recent situation "has arisen from the continued illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel and the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people."

We also welcome the position and actions taken by other political parties in South Africa, including the EFF, NFP, SACP, Al Jamah, and others. South African political parties, the South African people, and Africans across the continent overwhelmingly stand in solidarity with the Palestinians in their just quest for liberation and against Israel's oppressive actions.

Various protests against Israel's attacks on the Palestinians are taking place across the African continent, and members of the public are encouraged to join in sending a clear message to Israel that its unlawful actions are unacceptable to the peace loving peoples of the world.