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Inauguration of the mural of the martyr Sherine Abu Aqla and the martyrs of journalism
30 August 2023

Bethlehem - Nisaa FM -Together - The municipality of Bethlehem inaugurated, on Wednesday, the mural of Martyr Eye of Truth and the Voice of the People, Sherine Abu Aqleh, and the Martyrs of the Palestinian Press, on Manger Street, as an appreciation for the great role they played in transmitting the Palestinian narrative and the voice of the people to the world.

The Mayor of Bethlehem, Hanna Hanania, said that erecting the mural is an affirmation of preserving Shireen's message, which was a title for conveying the live image of the horror of the occupation and the concern of our people to the world.

Hanania pointed out that the mural includes three scenes, the first is the stone scene of Jerusalem, as Jerusalem is the flower of cities and its twin Bethlehem is the land of resurrection and ascension, and this is Sherine’s favorite scene while preparing press reports, and the second is the stone and is taken from different types of stone from Palestine from north to south. The third is black metal, symbolizing the small screen and mourning, but with a white body symbolizing hope.

For his part, George Abu Aqla confirmed in a speech on behalf of the family of the martyr Sherine that the occupation was able to assassinate her body, but was unable to kill the truth.

He praised the pioneering role of the local community in its various aspects in immortalizing the name of Sherine by naming various streets, neighborhoods, halls, and facilities after her, in gratitude and honor for those who sacrificed themselves for the sake of truth and the homeland.

The director of Al Jazeera in Palestine, Walid Al-Omari, said that there is a clear and explicit commitment to proceed with the case of Abu Aqla’s martyrdom despite all the pressures, noting that she was killed twice, the first when the occupation shot her in Jenin, and the second when soldiers attacked her coffin in the French Hospital in Jerusalem.

In a speech from the Journalists Syndicate, journalist Musa Al-Shaer said: We stand before this mural as a clear expression of the media’s role in conveying the truth, noting that the occupation has committed crimes against journalists since 1967, with 104 journalists martyred, including 55 since 2002, the last of whom is Sherine Abu Aqla.

He added: Our message today is that the Palestinian press will not stop its journey in performing its national and humanitarian duty in serving its people and exposing occupation practices.

The Acting Governor of Bethlehem, Muhammad Taha, said that the press is the voice of Palestine reaching the world, and highlighting the image of the brutal occupation.