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Laila Shawa wins the 2022 Palestine Prize Laureate for the Arts
04 December 2022

Ramallah- Nisaa FM - 

 Laila Shawa was Born in Gaza; she has dedicated her life to convey the brutal realities of Palestinian lives under colonization while giving a voice to Arab women in the region. She is one of the most powerful Palestinian artists, thinkers, and leaders. Her art is not only coming from her deep inner struggle, but also from her fidelity to humanity.


Every brushstroke on her canvas demands creativity and authenticity.

She has influenced generations in her homeland and around the world. Her work has been published, exhibited, and collected in major museums, galleries, and private hands. Her peaceful resistance through art; is a symbol of grace and beauty that will stand the test of time.

For more information, please visit: www.ThePalestinePrize.org