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Global Entrepreneurship Week
13 October 2022

Ramallah - Nisaa FM - The countdown has begun for the tenth Global Entrepreneurship Week-Palestine, starting on the 13th and concluding on the 20th of November, in conjunction with world celebrations in more than 170 countries, recognizing the primary role of entrepreneurs and youth in igniting economic prosperity and creating job and investment opportunities through the realization of the creative and innovative ideas.

Global entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an international initiative aimed at promoting entrepreneurial thinking and promoting entrepreneurship among young people, as well as educating them to understand project management and marketing in small and large enterprises, promoting their empowerment and developing their potential to create a suitable and stimulating environment for entrepreneurs from the entire world.

Moreover, GEW is an awareness-raising platform that seeks to create opportunities and ambitions forming an appropriate environment for entrepreneurs to accelerate economic growth.In this week various expertise gather and host many activities which opens the way for future communications and collaborations. GEW is also an exceptional opportunity to introduce college students and graduates to their local markets and give them the first push towards realizing their business projects.

GEW Palestine targets young Palestinian entrepreneurs, owners of startups, government and private sector employees, students and administrators, and all those interested in expanding their entrepreneurial vision, and set a local platform for the public sector and the private sector in Palestine (for large companies and small or medium sized businesses) as to support them in their quest of creating the best environment to promote entrepreneurship and the success of small and medium sized projects.

This year GEW will revolve around four primary themes which are: Education, Ecosystem, Inclusion, and Policy in the Post-Pandemic World. To learn more about GEW Ecosystem Connect, you can visit this link.


For more information about GEW, visit the following website: