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Meet the 7 most powerful Emirati businesswomen in the Middle East
15 February 2022

Ramallah - Nisaa FM - Emirati women continue to pave the way in business in the Middle East.

So much so, as part of the annual Forbes Middle East ’50 Most Powerful Businesswomen’, seven Emirati businesswomen have topped the power list.

The selection was made from different countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait and Oman, with banking and financial services being the topmost sector.

With over 19 different nationalities of women working across diverse sectors, this widespread list championed Emirati leaders from the GCC, who’ve inspired countless women in the industry.

With that, meet the seven Emirati businesswomen who topped the annual MENA power list.

Raja Easa Al Gurg

Raja Easa Al Gurg, the vice-chairperson and managing director of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG), topped this year’s lists. Having created a niche for herself, her valuable insights continue to contribute to the growth of the company as she takes after the leadership of her father, H.E. Easa Saleh Al Gurg.

Hana Al Rostamani

As the group chief executive of First Abu Dhabi Bank, Hana Al Rostamani has over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector and is also a member of MasterCard Advisory. She has made an impressionable impact in the industry for countless women who wish to pursue banking and finance in the region.

Maryam Buti Al Suwaidi

Given the title of chief executive of the Securities and Commodities Authority, Maryam Buti Al Suwaidi’s role encompasses combating money laundering and improving the overall financial quality of strategies for the UAE government.

Huda Al Rostamani

As the managing director of AW Rostamani Group, Huda Al Rostamani oversees the company’s performance and monitors its progress year after year. She continues to manage it with passion and integrity.

Dr. Saeeda Jaffar

Last year, Dr. Saeeda Jaffar was appointed group country manager and senior vice president for Visa’s operations across the GCC region. Her responsibility is to oversee its presence in six countries through her leading expertise.

Najla Ahmed Al Midfa

As the chief executive of Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre, Najla Ahmed Al Midfa is on a mission to establish the emirate as an entrepreneurship hub. She continues to support them when it comes to building start-ups and introducing new technology.

Rola Abu Manneh

As chief executive of Standard Chartered Bank in the UAE, Rola Abu Maneh is the first Emirati woman to head a bank in the UAE and has made transformation strides within the company to achieve a global name.