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Video| "Nisaa FM" launches "Nisaa Al-Sham"
06 December 2021

Ramallah - Nisaa FM - Nisaa FM with Qarib Programme, funded by AFD (French Development Agency) and implemented by CFI (French Media Development Agency) launched Nisaa Al Sham.

The song is performed by Palestinian artist Sirina Afghani, produced by Marwan Asaad, and composed by Alaa Al-Kurdi. The song focusses on Levantine woman, encouraging her on economic, political and social participation, and raising her voice against discrimination and oppression that Arab women generally suffer.

The song is produced by Nisaa FM, and available on many platforms, viz. Anghami and Spotify.

The song shall be broadcast on partner radio stations within the project. They are - "Radio Al-Balad in Amman, Radio Dar Al-Salaam in Baghdad, and Sawt Al-Shaab Radio in Beirut".

"Nisaa Al-Sham" project is a regional Arab project implemented by Nisaa FM from Ramallah in cooperation with three Arab radio stations in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, in addition to four Arab women's youth platforms that support women's rights in political and economic domains.

"Nisaa Al-Sham" project, implemented by "Nisaa FM", also includes the production and broadcast of 48 radio dialogue episodes, including a report, video, audio report or song, in addition to the production of 48 podcasts, the production of short awareness videos on women's political and economic participation, and the design of an infographic, written and audio reports, which will be broadcasted on partner radios “Radio Al-Balad in Jordan, Radio Dar Al-Salaam in Iraq, Sawt Al-Shaab Radio in Lebanon”, and partner youth platforms.

The project aims to enhance women's participation in these two areas for the benefit of Arab societies and women's participation in building society.