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Nisaa FM starts the implementation of Women and democracy project
07 July 2021

Ramallah-Nisaa FM- June 22/2021, Nisaa FM implemented the first radio episode of Amal program within women and democracy project Funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

16 radio episodes will be implemented to highlight multiple issues related to women's participation in political and social life, women with disabilities in Palestine, and the promotion of women's rights, in addition to the production of 5 awareness radio spots which will be broadcasted 300 time during the lifetime of the project.

The “Women and Democracy” project aims to support women’s rights and feminist discourse in Palestine by promoting a change in social behaviour with the aim of favouring and ensuring women’s enjoyment of rights and political participation. It also aims to facilitate the establishment of relationships for supportive feminists and create a dialogue between these advocates of change, whether they are women or Men, also promote dialogue between these parties and between institutions and society as a whole.

To watch the first episode of the Amal program: -