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Nisaa FM starting the implementation of a new project with the Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights
16 June 2021

Ramallah -Nisaa FM- Nisaa FM started the implementation of a project in cooperation with Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights (UAF) June 1/2021 and will continue to November 30/2021.

The project will shed the light on the realities in Palestine and how women and youth are advocating for the safety and security of those who have been displaced from their homes and shed a light on overall human rights violation.

Through the project, Nisaa FM will produce and broadcast 10 radio episodes which will cover the following topics:

  1. The importance of community contribution to relief work, especially women and youth.

  2. How do we build a society that supports aid in light of crises?

  3. “Share Your People” campaign, and 'Hanmarha (we will build it)’ campaign launched in Gaza through a group of interventions that will contribute to reviving what was destroyed by the aggression on Gaza... recreational initiatives to provide psychological support for children and mitigate the effects of the aggression.

  4. Women's Affairs Center in Gaza holds a series of meetings to follow up on the situation of women after the aggression and to support them psychologically and socially.

  5. Agricultural Relief provides meals to displaced families in Gaza Strip.

  6. 'We are all for Gaza’ campaign to provide qualitative treatment services for cancer patients in the Gaza Strip.

  7. ADWAR roles for social change association launches “We are here to stay” project in Gaza Strip, with the aim of improving the psychological and social conditions of women, young women and girls.

  8. The Gaza Urban Agriculture Forum launches a project to enhance the resilience and sustainability of women’s pioneering agricultural projects to confront harsh economic and social conditions in light of the siege, the Corona pandemic and the recent aggression.

  9. Aman launches 'Clean Hands’ campaign to monitor reconstruction and aid distribution in Gaza Strip.

  10.  Filastiniyat organization organize a meeting for psychological support for female journalists in the Gaza Strip and assess their needs after the aggression.

Nisaa FM under this project aims at achieving the following goals:

  1. Raise the voice of women, children and youth on the events they are exposed to.

  2. Raise the awareness on the rights of women, children, youth and elderly for peace, safety and security.

  3. Raising awareness of the importance of providing psychological support.