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Nisaa FM starts the implementation of QARIB project
17 May 2021

Ramallah - Nissa FM - Nisaa FM started the implementation of a project called (My_Voice_My_Right), within Qarib Project funded by AFD and implemented by CFI in cooperation with Radio Nisaa FM in Palestine. It started May/2021 and will continue to July 31/2021.

The project will shed the lights on women in the shadow of elections, gender equality and gender participation in the Legislative Council and aims to raise awareness in the public on women in the elections, their politics and their challenges.

During the project, Nisaa FM will implement the following activities:

  • Produce a Promo that will be broadcasted on Nisaa FM and its social media tools to announce Nisaa FM’s need for (8) young female media graduates (interns), these interns will work on producing stories on women and election, to be published on social media tools.
  • 23 radio episodes of 35 minutes duration with the theme gender equality and gender participation in the Legislative Council.
  • Awareness radio flashes on the importance of elections and women participation. Total (15) to be broadcasted 450 time during the project.
  • Production & Publication of reports on Woman and elections for the website and social media tools. Total (3)
  • Mobile studio shows on elections in Ramallah, Nablus and Hebron.

In this project, Nisaa FM seeks to achieve the long-term expected result, which is an increased percentage of women in the Palestinian elections in the near future.