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Nisaa FM implementing a new project called "Hal Media- Solution Journalism"
22 July 2020
Beginning May, Nisaa FM commenced implementing a new Project “Hal Media-Solution Journalism” in cooperation with the French Agency for Media Development and the French Agency for Development (CFI).

The project focuses on two aspects - the first, to raise awareness on how we use Solution Journalism to solve a societal problem, the second, to address the journalist’s rights and challenges in general, and female journalists specifically.

This Project will be conducted as mentor/mentee, on digital-online Platform connecting 4 Mentors with 8 Mentees, under the supervision of Nisaa's website technical team. The Mentors have been chosen on the basis of their media work that addressed positive stories with beneficial solutions to society. Mentees are fresh graduate female journalists - passionate about social and gender issues. 

Mentees shall present two success stories towards the end of this project. These stories will be based on Solution Journalism, so as to empower young, female journalists to seek positive and beneficial solutions. Nisaa FM will broadcast 8 radio shows, one for each mentee - focusing on their success stories, emanating from the Project. 

The goal of this project is to enhance the concept of solution journalism among journalists specifically and Palestinian society at large. Also, to provide inspirational stories of women as a gear of change in Palestinian society. Nisaa FM is constantly seeking to improve solution journalism, but most importantly the project shall provide the 8 mentees a platform to portray and exhibit their work and success stories, once this mentorship is finalized. 

Nisaa FM is currently implementing 4 projects; “Hal Media- Solution Journalism” is one of them, and its duration is 6 months.