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Nisaa FM Begins Broadcasting Radio Episodes as Part of Qarib Program
16 June 2020

Ramallah - Nisaa FM - On Tuesday the 3th of June, Nisaa FM implemented the first radio episode under the program “Qarib” in cooperation with the French Agency for Media Development and the French Agency for Development.

The project includes the production of four radio spots and ten radio episodes within “Qarib” project which will continue for 3 months. The topics will focus on "The Impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on Palestinian Women.”

The discussion is being conducted on the contents and themes of the radio shows with experts in the fields of health, psychology, doctors, E-learning specialists and other related parties, with the aim of opening a community dialogue to advance the reality of Palestinian women, and discussing the impact of the Corona epidemic on women and raising awareness of its risks among citizens.

In the radio episodes, Nisaa FM will focus on several topics, includes: government measures to combat coronavirus, preventive measures that they have taken to reduce its spread and help women, raise awareness of the risks of the virus among citizens, especially in marginalized societies and ways to prevent it, and support businesswomen to avoid the economic losses caused by the pandemic.

The first episode talked about women working during the last period from home to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and the new responsibilities that they have.

The Director General of Influence, Media and Communication in the Ministry of Women Affairs Ilham Sami said that the Corona pandemic imposed additional conditions, restrictions and burdens on women, there were no special spaces but rather a double work by preparing additional meals and food for family members in addition to social care and understanding of others and accepting stress and psychological impact, woman was the custodian of all family members, which affected her roles, her political participation and decision-making, adding that this matter requires a reassessment, study, drawing conclusions and making recommendations.

For her part, the Director General of Sawa Foundation for Combating Violence against Women, Ohaila Shomar, reviewed the model of the institution by working 24 hours during the Corona pandemic, and said that 16 employees worked from home during the Corona pandemic period, and their work was continuous and sometimes alternately from 12:00 at night to 9:00 am, which led the organization to distribute roles in a positive way and to create a balanced environment during that period.