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Founder and General Manager of Nisaa FM among the top 10 Female Entrepreneurs
10 April 2018

Ramallah - Nisaa FM:

The World Bank has appointed the founder and general manager of Nisaa FM, Ms. Maysoun Odeh, among the top ten women entrepreneurs in the Arab world and as the most influential woman in the Middle East and North African region.
Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, women are defying the odds and seizing opportunities to start businesses, build organizations, and lead initiatives that create lasting impact. Maysoun stands as a great example.

Maysoun Odeh Gangat is a Palestinian entrepreneur with who launched the first women's radio station as well as website in Arabic
Maysoun works to empower women in and through the media by forming a community dedicated to promoting women's rights by providing a platform for various actors (public, private and government) to discuss women's issues and to engage men and women in discussions focused on finding solutions to pressing issues.