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Sussya's Workshop
05 October 2015

Nisaa FM station conducted a workshop in Sussya village about women’s rights in personal status system

Nisaa FM- Tahreer Sawafta: Nisaa FM conducted a workshop about women’s rights in personal status system and about awareness of Sharia courts in Palestine with cooperation with Enhanced Palestinian Justice Program EPJP which is attached to the Supreme Council of Magistracy. This workshop was in Sussya village in the South of Hebron, because it is considered as a marginalized area and women there missed the required awareness about their rights and how to get them.

And during the workshop, the legal advisor of Muftah Al-Q adaa’ show Ms. Ahlam Daraghmeh discussed women’s rights in personal status system, what is related to marriage and divorce and inheritance and nursery, and other related issues.

To listen to Ahlam’s interview 1, click here.

Also, Ms. Daraghmeh provided many legal advices for women in Sussya village to raise their awareness to stand and ask for their rights and illustrate how they can reach to courts, as well as steps to raise a case in order to have their taken rights. In addition, how to ask for their rights I inheritance without any fear. And how to make Conciliation with the other party without reaching the court to get rid of problems.

To listen to Ahlam’s interview 2, click here.

And about the importance of this workshop to Sussya’s women, Ahlam reported, there was lack of awareness at Sussya’s women, but there are Susceptibility to know their rights, especially in divorce and what things related to it.

To listen to Ahlam’s interview 3, click here.

Maysoun Nawaga’a, one of the attendees from Sussya village, with a talk to Nisaa FM about the importance of this workshop, said” through this workshop we could acknowledge the rights that we did not know about them before, and did not know that we can have it according to personal status system”. And she added “we had acknowledged women’s rights in marriage and inheritance and Alimony and the legal procedures that will lead us to those rights.

To listen to Maysoun’s interview, click here.

Women still have the right of knowing everything that help them in their life, and all institutions that care about women should work harder to help women, especially inremote and marginalized areas, to acknowledge their rights and their duties, and to defend themselves in all different fields legally, away from problems.