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NISAA's Code of Conduct
04 October 2015

Code of Conduct


Freedom of expression is one of the foundations of just, democratic and peaceful societies.
Nisaa FM is committed to the free expression of views, debates, ideas, discussions, opinions and news that is relevant to its listeners, in Palestine.
Nisaa FM aims to be the leading source of news and information for women in Palestine, providing its listeners with excellently-researched, in-depth information.
Nisaa FM aims to play a key role in helping Palestinian women to find ways of living without social violence, intolerance and injustice. This role is to be played by providing a platform for dialogue between women in all spectrum of the Palestinian society. By allowing the voices of women to be heard, NisaaFM hopes to contribute to the process of building greater understanding of each other's realities, hopes and aspirations and, ultimately, to contribute to women empowerment.
In performing these vital roles, Nisaa FM commits itself to the values and practices that are provided in this Editorial Code of Conduct which aims to ensure that Nisaa FM becomes a beacon for independent and impartial broadcasting in the West bank and Gaza Strip.


Nisaa FM’s reputation is based on the integrity of the information broadcast, and this requires the highest levels of accuracy.
In ensuring that the highest levels of accuracy are established and maintained, NisaaFM undertakes that all content broadcasts shall be based on sound and credible sources, is presented in a clear and forthright manner using precise language, and is appropriately contextualized.

Impartiality; Nisaa FM is committed to:

Reflecting the views and opinions of all of its listeners, and undertaking that no single view of a social, political, religious, economic, cultural or other issue will dominate.
Ensuring that a range of views on a variety of topics is broadcast, whether this is achieved by having a range of views on a single controversial issue or over a series of broadcasts.


Nisaa FM is committed to fairness, that is, to taking an even-handed approach when broadcasting on the issues of the day.
Nisaa FM shall adhere to the principle of transparency and maximize the attribution of information. This requires limiting the use of anonymous sources as far as possible.



In striving for objectivity, Nisaa FM undertakes that its reporters and presenters shall:
Approach every issue and event with an open mind.
Make use of a variety of excellent sources from across the socio-economic spectrum
Engage in thorough inquiry, which requires researching all major points of view on controversial issues of public importance.
Be willing to engage listeners and interviewees by presenting a range of points of view to them.
Probe expressed opinions, which ignore other points of view.

The station's commitment to objectivity is such that the station's presenters shall not voice their own views or provide commentary on events of public importance.


Offensive language, including blasphemy, profanity and other religiously insensitive material shall not be used on NisaaFM.

Hate Speech

Nisaa FM shall not broadcast any material, which, judged within context, sanctions, promotes or glamorizes violence.
Nisaa FM shall not broadcast any material which, judged within context, promotes hatred, intolerance or disrespect based on religion, nationality, ethnicity, race or gender.

Right of Reply

A person or organization whose views are to be criticized in a program on a controversial issue of public importance shall be given the right to reply to such criticism during such a program. However, if this is impractical, an opportunity to reply must be given as soon as is appropriate and practical thereafter.

Respect for Listeners

Nisaa FM aims to win the respect of its listeners by respecting them in return. This requires that Nisaa FM builds an in-depth and detailed understanding of the living conditions, concerns, traditions, cultures, histories, and religions of its listeners.