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Blood Moon will not be renewed before 2033
28 September 2015

Ramallah- Nisaa FM: Palestine and the world witness, now, a rare phenomenon of astronomical that does not happen very often in one century, where it was occurred the last time in 1982 before nearly 38 years, which is a total eclipse of the moon, its middle timing comes with bader timing in November. The moon is the closest orbital point of the Earth, and appears red during the eclipses called "blood moon”.

The director of the Palestinian astronomer site Dauad to our radio within Qahwa Mazbout show said that: (the Giant Moon) or (the Bloody Moon) appeared down sky many cities in the world and reached to the closest distance from the earth, and appeared in a color that tends to red, during the entire eclipse at dawn today, in a wonderful and rare phenomenon that will not happen again before the year 2033, and it had a preview for the full eclipse for more than one hour of the American continent to the Middle East.

The episode available at  https://soundcloud.com/radionisaa96fm/28-9-2015a