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Omani women entrepreneurs share experiences
16 September 2015

Muscat (Times of Oman) - Four times a year, Najihat (an initiative introduced by the National Business Centre (NBC) which highlights successful experiences of Omani women entrepreneurs) hosts a session where women meet and share their experiences of operating in the Omani business arena, and compare stories on how they started their respective ventures. On Wednesday September 16, Najihat will give three prominent entrepreneurs the chance to share their personal professional experiences with potential entrepreneurs in the Sultanate. The event will highlight the journies of Reema Sadiq, owner of Reema Integrated Projects; Salma Noor, managing director of Azima Catering; and Abeer Abdullah, trainer and management consultant. The series of Najihat sessions aim to create public awareness about the skills and knowledge acquired by Omani women who have launched and managed successful businesses. It is also hoped that the inspiring stories of successful women leaders in the business field will encourage other talented entrepreneurs to start their own ventures.

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