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"Kafa" (Gender based violence)
11 December 2017

In 2015 Radio Nisaa FM aired the show "Kafa" (Enough) funded by Representative Office of Canada to Palestinian Authority.

The show was broadcasted weekly on Tuesday with presenter Israa Orabi and sought to raise the awareness among
Palestinian men and women of the negative consequences - social and economic - of sexual and gender-based violence.
Each show had a different topic, covering the many different types of violence women are exposed to in daily life.

Among the guests invited to the studios were social workers, psychologists, and legal experts.
The themes discussed varied from honor killings and violence against divorced women to workplace harassment and electronic

Eight radio shows and two workshops

The eight radio shows sought to give women the opportunity to gain knowledge and
enquire about their legal rights and the counseling services available to them. The
shows were meant to give important public exposure to an issue that often is labeled
as “taboo” and confined to the domestic spheres, thus opening up for much-needed
debate on the underlying causes of sexual and gender-based violence, the consequences
of this violence on Palestinian society as a whole, and the ways in which the issue
can be addressed at the national level.


The project also included two workshops – one prior and one subsequent to the radio
shows. At the first workshop the organizations SAWA Foundation,
Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling (WCLAC), and the
Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA), were invited to
brainstorm on the topics and issues relevant for the shows.

The themes discussed in the workshop were the ones that ended up being the
topics of the shows. At the second workshop all the participants from the shows
were invited to a presentation of the shows held and an open discussion on what
recommendations should be made to reduce and prevent violence against women. Among the recommendations were education of young women in the seriousness of violence and the consequences thereof, raising awareness of domestic violence, and the need to form a lobby advocating for a change in law on this topic.


Listen to the programmes at Nisaa FM

You can find all programmes at www.radionisaa.ps (Arabic only). The programmes (interviews and workshops) include:

- "Violence against women" with Psychologist and psychosocial counselor Dr. Laila Atshan

- "Harassment of Women in the Workplace" with Legal Counsel Jalal Khadr and Legal Guidance Officer Flora Salman - both from SAWA Foundation

- "Violence against Women in Our Community" with Psychologist f women for legal and social guidanceMaysa Abu Rayan from Palestinian Working Woman Society and Social Worker Rania Salahadin

- "The phenomenon of beating wives" with Director in the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Coordinator and Social Guidance Lawyer Professor Rawan Obeid from Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC) and the Director Ohaila Shomar of the SAWA Foundation

- "Women's Murder" with Coordinator Amal El-Issawi from the Palestinian child protection line

- "Sexual harassment of women through websites ous Affairs" with Ass. Professor of criminal law at Birzeit University Mustafa Abdel Baqi and Psychologist Carmen Abdullah from Sawa Foundation

- "Violence against children" with Legal Counsel Jalal Khadr and Psychologist Carmen Abdullah from Sawa Foundation