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Signing of the novel "Another Minister" by novelist Mona Bushnaq
13 August 2023

Nablus - Nisaa FM - Together - Novelist Mona Bushnaq signed her novel "Another Minister" today, during a ceremony held in the city's Nablus Municipal Library under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, in the presence of a number of representatives of cultural institutions, poets and writers, and a number of those interested in the literary and cultural field.
The critic Dr. Lina Al-Shakhshir, the novel, noting that Nablus celebrates today the signing of the new novel by the young writer Mona Bushnaq, discussing the biography of the writer and her literary works, especially since some of her novels have become among the books circulated in the US Library of Congress in the Arab Corner and that the writer has a strong narrative style and her ability to weave A novel that was able to blend contemporary themes.
In her turn, the writer, Bushnaq, said that she still aspires to accomplish other literary works, because writing is like a hand that nourishes our senses and embraces what is in our hearts. She thanked everyone who embraced her literary talent, hoping that literary writing would contribute to preserving the language and message and enriching the literary reality in Palestine.
She indicated that her novel, published in the year 2022, which was published by Dar Al-Shamel for Publishing and Distribution, carries multiple meanings that reflect the message of justice and how fates proceed, and tells the story of a doctor in human development who loses his son in an unknown accident in the American city of Manhattan, where his life, dreams, and surprises happened with him until He reached the shocking truth.
The speakers at the ceremony emphasized that the novelist Bushnaq was able, through literary writing, to produce the novel in a rhetorical and interesting narrative framework, as it deals with societal issues that reflect the Arab reality.
During the ceremony, the Ministry of Culture, represented by Samah Al-Kharouf and Siham Al-Sayeh, presented a certificate of appreciation for their efforts in enriching the cultural and literary scene. The author, Bushnaq, is in her twenties from the city of Nabis and holds a bachelor's degree in public relations and communication from An-Najah National University.

She began writing when she was fifteen years old, and continued writing until she published the novel (A Man in Exile) in 2012 and the novel (Gold with October) in 2017, which were published by Dar Al-Shamel for Publishing and Distribution.
Her various literary works are participating in international exhibitions (Egypt, Beirut, Dubai, Sharjah, Riyadh, Istanbul, Jordan, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Abu Dhabi).