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Watchdog: ‘Israel’ arrested 130 women in 2021 so far
30 August 2021

Ramallah-Nisaa FM- The Committee of Detainees and Ex-detainees said that the occupation state has arrested 130 women since the start of 2021, most of them are from the occupied Palestinian capital.

According to a press release by the committee, the occupation state has set a new record, arresting 130 women this year, in comparison with 128 in 2020. It added that the occupation state used the same torture methods against women and men.

The watchdog also said that the occupation state has arrested over 17,000 females, including minors, students, mothers, patients, wounded and pregnant women since 1967.

It added that the occupation state used very harsh interrogation methods with those arrested, including physical and psychological torture in addition to blackmailing and arresting family members to obtain forced confessions.

“The occupation authorities continue to hold 40 female prisoners, including 11 mothers”, the watchdog said.

“One of them is the pregnant detainee Anhar Al Dik, who is about to have her baby in jail, as she was arrested last March. Other female detainees have already had their babies while in jail in very harsh situations.”

The committee added that the first woman to have her baby inside an Israeli jail was Zakiyyah Shammout in 1971, ad the latest was Fatima Risk from Gaza in 2009. It added that those, who have their babies inside Israeli jails usually remain handcuffed and surrounded by jailers. Their families are not allowed to be with them and they don’t get any medical care.