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Launch of the first feminist media platform covering the Mediterranean region: “medfeminiswiya.net”
06 July 2021

Ramallah-Nisaa FM - We are thrilled to share the exciting news of the birth of our network and platform: "MEDfeminiswiya." Our name is complex because our lives are complex, but here’s what it means: “MED” refers to the Mediterranean and Media, and "Feminiswiya" is feminist and niswiya (which means feminist in Arabic) combined in one word. In 2021, the MEDfeminswiya team finished creating its pioneering trilingual digital media platform, and already started to produce its own content on www.medfeminiswiya.net.  This feminist network and platform brings together women who are actively involved in the fields of media and news production from across the Mediterranean region.

We created our own media platform because it seemed crucial to us to make our voices and opinions heard outside of rigid and at times patriarchal editorial constraints, and to strengthen the visibility of actions, productions and impulses emerging from the shores of the Mediterranean. We pay particular attention to urgent situations and threats that still weigh on women on both sides of the Mediterranean, such as: sexism and violence, femicide, sexual harassment, poverty, precariousness, legal discrimination, sexual rights, and armed conflict.

MEDfeminiswiya is primarily addressed to women living in both urban and rural areas in the Mediterranean region, and to all those interested in the vast worlds of gender justice. MEDfeminiswiya also seeks to engage colleagues in feminist and mainstream media, as well as human rights defenders, teachers, researchers, NGOs, local, national, and international social change actors. MEDfeminiswiya is aware that many women and girls remain deprived of a proper education, which is why our content will be mobile-friendly and will include accessible audio-visual material.

Our MEDfeminiswiya platform provides feminist information at the source and a generous space for the publication of articles, podcasts, videos, and blogs that embrace both cultural diversity and solidarity among women in the Mediterranean region.

Our MEDfeminiswiya network keeps Mediterranean residents informed about events that matter to them through the organization of group discussions, regular meetings, in addition to feminist and media conferences. Our aim is to cover the initiatives, concerns, and actions of various feminist movements around the Mediterranean coast, and to highlight the stories, challenges and achievements of women and girls in and from the region.

To the extent possible, MEDfeminiswiya will express itself in languages commonly spoken and understood across the Mediterranean, prioritizing French, English, and Arabic. In the current, challenging times of global health and climate crises, our platform will aim to strictly respect and meet people’s need and right to access credible, balanced, and gender-sensitive information, free of misogyny, hate speech, misinformation, and disinformation.

The visibility of feminist movements remains far below their levels of courage and dynamism. This observation led the Mediterranean Women's Fund to help Mediterranean feminist journalists to come together to create the MEDfeminiswiya network and its own media platform medfeminiswiya.net.

For more about the construction of the MEDfeminisiwya online platform, read this article by Nathalie Galesne and Anaïs Delmas

And this article by Olfa Belhacine: https://lapresse.tn/18773/medias-feminisme-nous-serons-la-voix-des-sans-voix/.

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