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Video … Nisaa FM begins implementing episodes of the radio program (with the eyes of women-بعيون النساء) within the Sada campaign
10 June 2021

Ramallah- Nisaa FM - Nisaa FM started the implementation of the first radio episode of the radio program (with the eyes of women-بعيون النساء) June 9/2021 as part of Sada campaign to stop gender-based violence, within the project "Promoting gender equality and protecting vulnerable Palestinian women in the southern West Bank" implemented by the Palestinian Working Women society for Development, and funded by the government of Valencia in cooperation with Movement for Peace Foundation.

Within Sada campaign, Nisaa FM will implement 5 radio episodes during June, on various topics, including, the experience of the Working Women’s society in the Covid-19 stage and the importance of the services provided by the association to reduce gender-based violence, women's quota in electoral law amendments, Women's issues in local government.

The Palestinian Working Women's society for Development had launched a new campaign to lobby and advocate for social and legal protection for women and girls, and to stop all forms of gender-based violence, which comes under the slogan "No tolerance for violence against women and girls – Sada campaign."

In this context, the association noted in a statement, "Violence against women and girls in Palestine is one of the most widespread and persistent violations of human rights. However, most of it remains unreported due to the lack of punishment, silence, a sense of scandal and the stigma surrounding it."