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Palestinian girl’s unwavering resistance to occupation
10 September 2015

Ramallah - On 31 August 2015, 15-year-old Ahed Tamimi made world headlines when a video of Ahed helping her mother and aunt wrestle her younger brother out of the grip of an Israeli soldier went viral. This was not the first time Ahed’s unshakable commitment to resisting the occupation of Palestinian land made her the subject of international news stories. In December 2012, at the age of just 12, Ahed was awarded the Handala Courage Award in Istanbul for the bravery she exerted in berating Israeli soldiers for their arrest of her mother and brother during the weekly protests against the Israeli West Bank barrier and the confiscation of Palestinian land that take place every Friday in Ahed’s Village of Nabi Saleh. On many occasions, as was the case two weeks ago, the tense atmosphere of these weekly encounters between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers, results in heated scuffles that have cost many lives and permanent injuries since the protests first started in 2009: Ahed has been hit three times by Israeli rubber bullets (in the foot, hand and neck); her mother, Narimane Tamimi, has been arrested five times, been injured more than twice that, and had her brother killed by Israeli soldiers; and Ahed’s father, Bassem Tamimi, has been arrested nine times and previously sustained an injury to the head that put him in a coma for ten days. Despite the many risks involved with actively resisting the confiscation of Palestinian land and water resources, Ahed tells Al-Monitor that she has no intention of letting the Israeli soldiers prevent her from defending the land and heritage that is rightfully hers: “My patriotism and my Palestinian identity are deep-rooted.[...] I will continue to participate in the popular protests against the occupation. This is our stance, and the occupation cannot stop us.” 

Photo credit: wp.com