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Fi 'Oyoun Al Nisaa (Through Women’s Eyes)
08 September 2015

Fi 'Oyoun Al Nisaa was added to Nisaa FM’s weekly programming schedule in February 2015.


The show is funded by the Arab Human Rights Fund, and addresses the most important social issues across
Palestine, highlighting their specific impact on Palestinian women. Every Thursday a new issue is taken up, and an expert is
invited to explain and analyze the background and impact of the issue at hand.

Topics taken up include violence against women and the daily struggles of women living close to the Separation Wall, in villages, near settlements, and in refugee camps. The show also discusses the political context and actions taken (or not taken) by the Palestinian authorities in addressing women’s issues, and issues in general related to the occupation.

According to the show’s presenter the show has an important mandate in taking up important issues for women in Palestine, and increasing public awareness about how the current political situation affects all sectors of Palestinian society, and in particular the impact on women.