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Palestinian Woman Injured in Settler Hit and Run
13 April 2015

Jerusalem (WAFA) – An Israeli settler Sunday ran over a Palestinian female near one of the gates of Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem before fleeing the scene.

An Israeli settler ran over a Palestinian female, whose identity remains unidentified until the moment, while she was standing at the light railway stop located near the Mosque’s Bab al-Amoud gate, also known as Damascus Gate, in East Jerusalem, before fleeing the scene.

She was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. Her medical condition remains unknown. Whereas Israel deals with Israeli cars crashing into Palestinian pedestrians as traffic accidents, it considers similar incidents by Palestinians as 'terrorist attacks’, upon which shooting and killing orders are easily taken, depriving Palestinians of the right to a fair trial.

On October 23, 2014, Israeli police shot and killed a Palestinian after his car hit a group of Israelis standing at a train station in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah; police fired the first bullet, which brought the driver, Abdul-Rahman Shaloudi, 20, to a halt, then fired another bullet after which he fell to the ground.

Another three bullets followed and were shot at Shaloudi even though he was lying on the street, unarmed, injured, and unable to move, leading to his imminent death minutes later.

The incident was declared by the Israeli side as “a terrorist act.”

In contrast, on October 19, an Israeli settler deliberately ran over two Palestinian kindergarten girls near Ramallah, killing one of them and seriously injuring the other, yet there were no reports of any police action against him. The Israeli side dealt with the incident 'an unintentional’.

On October 29, the Palestinian foreign ministry issued a statement denouncing Israel’s discriminatory treatment of Palestinians and Israelis, stressing that Israel follows an obvious discrimination policy in handling incidents committed by Israelis.

Israel declares such incidents, when committed by Palestinians, as 'terror acts' without concluding proper investigations and most of the time shooting the person behind the incident at the spot, depriving him the right to defense in a court of law.