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NISAA FM is the first commercial women’s radio station and website in the Middle East, a project launched late 2009 by Maysoun Odeh Gangat and the Womanity Foundation.

NISAA FM creates and caters to women as well as men across generations, social statuses and geographic distances by offering a platform of cultural and social information, discussion and entertainment, and by voicing women’s aspirations and opinions. It overcomes boundary walls and cultural segregation and connects women to a supportive community that showcases inspirational models and promotes their empowerment. At the same time, it transforms the perception of women’s role in their society by underlining their social engagement, successes and creativity. Furthermore, the radio employs and trains women in the media industry, a field largely dominated by men.

NISAA FM broadcasts in Arabic worldwide from since December 2009, on 96.0 FM for the central West Bank of Palestine since June 2010, on 96.2 FM for the Northern West Bank since December 2010 and on 92.2 FM for the Southern territories. NISAA FM’s studios are based in Ramallah. It also runs an Arabic and English web site.

The quality of the content, complemented by the talent of its presenters and producers, the excellence of its musical offer and the strength of its signal, distinguish NISAA FM from most of the other media in the region. Programs are enriched by audience participation via emails, call-ins and vox pops gathered by a small network of female volunteer correspondents who provide updates and opinions from different governorates. The website and social media complement the radio productions with news and stories and opinions and feedback from the audience. The website offers the possibility to listen to NISAA FM’s programs via streaming or podcast.

Radio NISAA FM is connecting women in a land occupied and divided by walls and checkpoints. It is helping women to overcome their isolation and create transformative connections. Although this is a patriarchal and male dominated society, we are not a feminist radio station and we do not consider men, even the most traditional ones, as opponents to women’s empowerment but as partners. Sustainable changes can only happen if we succeed in addressing men as well. We believe that change in the society can only happen by inspiring women and men with positive and leading examples. We challenge the stereotyped image of women in the society and in media and we portray real life women. They are strong, assertive; they are taking the lead to pursue their aspirations and are creating changes in the Palestinian society and in the Diaspora.’ Maysoun Odeh Gangat, director, radio NISAA FM.