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Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

Nisaa FM seeks to contribute to the full and equal integration of women in Palestinian society by enhancing open and effective communication amongst women and men. Nisaa FM believes that the way the media portrays women and men has a considerable influence on the audiences’ perceptions, and can shape cultural norms and power relations. If the media always presents women as victims, passive and subordinate to the men’s or family’s decisions, society will tend to see them in the same way. Similarly, the media has the power to shape aspirations of people by presenting positive role models and examples. Unfortunately, women are rarely presented as experts and as capable and assertive actors in society. This limits their aspirations and restrains them within a narrow space. Nisaa FM believes that the media, including Nisaa, has an important educational role. While informing and entertaining its audience and keeping them company, media platforms can also educate on gender-equality and motivate community engagement; they can also play a crucial role in debating taboos, challenging traditional roles assigned to women (and men) in society, and offer inspirational stories that women and men can apply to their own lives.

Our Mission:

Nisaa FM aims to inform, inspire, entertain, and empower Palestinian women and men through well-targeted and relevant programming, while also creating employment and training opportunities for women in media.