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Nisaa FM implementing a project "for her... because she is special"
02 March 2020

Ramallah - Nisaa FM-  During December/2019 Nisaa FM started implementing a project called (for her… Because She is Special) in cooperation with The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola Capi, the project duration is 6 months (December/2019 – May/2020), it targets 25 women entrepreneurs from East Jerusalem and the West Bank who has products in the local market.

The project aims to Empower women economically by enabling them to enter the market through developing the capabilities of women entrepreneurs in the field of marketing and media, in addition to training them on the importance of marketing their products and promoting their projects and goods through workshops and advertising campaign.

Two workshops were held, the first was December 22/2019 on marketing skills, this work shop aimed to train women entrepreneurs on marketing and promotion skills through advertising and ways to develop a marketing plan, pricing and promotion through advertising especially through modern digital methods.

As for the second workshop, it was held December 29/2019, which focused on communication skills, where women entrepreneurs were provided with detailed explanations about the basics of dealing with the audio media, so that they can be able to talk about their projects in a way that contributes in the process of marketing the product to the local market.

Nisaa FM is also broadcasting 25 radio shows for each women entrepreneur to talk about their projects on air and live through Radio Nisaa Facebook page with a specialist from the field to give them a solution for any problem that they are facing in the implementation of their projects, so far 5 radio shows were implemented and 20 are yet to go.

Finally, a free advertising campaign, production and broadcast of radio spots for women entrepreneurs, over 5 months period on a daily basis for each product.