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“Tasawq” ... The program that promotes for Palestinian Entrepreneurs Women

Ramallah - Nisaa FM:- In collaboration with the Polish Embassy Nisaa FM implemented a radio show called “Tasawq” was produced and broadcasted during the period August 15-2018 to December 15-2018 on  Radio Nisaa FM weekly from 10:00 am to 11:00 am each show hosted one of the ladies and experts in several fields such as marketing and advertising techniques , digital merketing, banking, women empowerment in order to provide assistance in the challenges that they face and to promote  their products through the radio show.

 Nisaa FM selected 24 women whose products were available in the local market and there is accessibility to their products or and online.

The main goal  that we achieved through this project was raising awareness of Palestinian women entrepreneurs on the importance of advertising and marketing in the business field and how to promote their products widely and gain more customers, all the testimonials we got from the ladies who participated in this project confirms it.
We also Provided women entrepreneurs with support and help on issues and challenges that they may be facing in their business. For example certain women face problem with e-marketing other in funding and some in finding marketing.

     Nisaa FM produced and broadcasted 24 radio spot for each one of these 24 women for different products and services ,  these spots were broadcasted daily, the total amount is 2000 spot during the period August 15-2018 to December 15-      2018 in order to raise awareness and increasing sales of their products through the advertising campaign on radio Nisaa and its social media tools (facebook). 

      Nisaa FM created a facebook page called Taswaq to  promote the ladies products through this page, the page got a lot of interaction, nisaa fm started a live video for each radio show, also shared the link of the show on it. This page got a 535 likes , 553 followers and 3,225 reaches since we created it and the number is increasing everyday. Additionally  the links were also uploaded on Nisaa FM facebook page with an average reach of 82,887.