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Center for Women's Affairs host training on gender-based violence
25 April 2018

Gaza - Nisaa FM:

The Center for Women's Affairs hosts training on “Education of gender-based violence" as a part of the project "Reducing gender-based violence for women and girls in marginalized areas in the Gaza Strip.” funded by Oxfam. The project included 25 hours of training for 24 students from different universities in the Gaza Strip.

The training covered various topics, including gender, gender-based violence and international and local human rights law.

Shereen Rabie, Training Coordinator at the center, explained that the aim of the training is to sensitize trainees, increase their knowledge and educate them on women and gender issues, to promote gender equality and to meet the needs and priorities of women, men, girls and boys equally and effectively and to establish concepts related to human rights principles.

The participants agreed that the training was very useful on the cognitive and practical level, especially when it came to education of trainers, procedures for intervention in cases of gender-based violence and international human rights law.