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Asala Association hosts their annual exhibition with the slogan “Our Hand is for You and Your Hand is Life”
03 April 2018

Ramallah – Nisaa FM: 

Yesterday, the Palestinian Association of Businesswomen – Asala, held their annual exhibition under the slogan "Our Hand is for You and Your Hand is Life" in the courtyard of the Ottoman Court in Ramallah in the presence of the Governor of Ramallah, Dr. Laila Ghannam.
Asala's Chairman Raja Al-Rantissi said that the exhibition supports leading Palestinian women who produce alternative products. She added that the exhibition helps them to reach the market and facilitate their communication with the affluent public, in addition to networking with other women by introducing them to the selected products.

As you walk through the exhibition you see many handicrafts, accessories, food, embroidered dresses, soap, natural oils and unique gifts. These products, as explained by Rantissi, enable women with limited resources to reach their economic and social right. In this framework, Asala tries to empower women in these areas through lobbying and changing of laws that may prevent women from achieving economic empowerment. Therefore, these exhibitions are an important mean for enterprises, especially small ones, working on the definition of Palestinian society with their local and handcrafted products made by female Palestinian entrepreneurs, despite the difficulties faced by limited access to information and the fierce competition represented by the similarity of industrial products at lower prices.

"Asala has three basic programs, including one for helping women reach markets through a variety of training programs, including financial and technical training as well as education on women’s rights in general." said Rantisi. 
Mrs. Hajar Khawaja from the village Ni'lin, participated in the exhibition with her characteristic project. She started the project in 1995, producing various high quality embroideries. In addition to her participation in this exhibition, she participates in many local and international exhibitions in order to evolve and develop her products. By participating in such exhibitions, she has the opportunity to identify competitors and benefit from observing their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop and improve her own work

"I always seek to incorporate the spirit of the time into my embroideries, while, at the same time, merging them with the traditional details to promote the Palestinian heritage," she said, referring to the approximately 40 domestic workers sewing embroidered products such as dresses, pendants, bags and more.
It is noteworthy that there, in 2014, happened a division of the services of Asala Foundation provided for women to enable them economically. One of the services provided is the financial (small loans), and the other, non-financial, such as helping women to improve the quality of their products and access to markets.