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Women in Sports – hand in hand: empowering women through sports with support from the Australian Government
22 March 2018

Ramallah - Nisaa FM:

Nisaa FM’s new radio show, Women in Sports – hand in hand, has aired its first two episodes!

In collaboration with the Australian Government’s aid program, Nisaa FM aims to inspire and encourage women and girls to participate in sports activities, with a radio series focusing on how to increase female empowerment and improve general health through sports.  

In the radio series we wish to erase the myth of sports as an arena reserved solely for men. The series wishes to inform about the psychical and mental benefits of exercising and participating in sports activities. We aim to see a greater participation of women in sports activities, emphasizing its health- and psycho-social benefits.

The show will continue to air every Thursday until the 26th of June from 11 to 12 am.  


Here are the links for the two first programs:

15/03/18:  https://soundcloud.com/radionisaa96fm/15-3-2018a-2

22/03/18: https://soundcloud.com/radionisaa96fm/22-3-2018a