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The Ministry of Education concludes a series of workshops on combating gender-based violence in school
20 March 2018

Ramallah - NIsaa FM:

Today the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, through the Gender Unit, concluded a series of workshops on the project against gender-based school violence. The workshops targeted school principals and teachers in 20 different schools from all directorates of higher education and relevant departments, with the participation of representatives from the local community and parents.

The head of the ministry’s Gender Unit, Khuloud Nasser, says that these workshops come as a supplement to the central meeting opened by the Minister of Education and Higher Education, which aimed to develop a clear vision of the subject of gender in the education sector; particularly on gender based violence, its forms and effects as well as the tools to help reduce it. He pointed out that the project needs preparation and action plans, taking into account the specificity of each school and the problems this faces.

The workshop included a presentation by Riad Shrim about the project, its expected objectives and the connection with the ministry's directions.

The head of the Department of Guidance in the Ministry, Khawla Sarhan, gave a presentation with examples from real life situations, to help understand and analyze the behavior of students and their impact on the social environment, stressing the need for awareness aimed at preventing gender-based school violence.

The Head of the Gender Section, Hilda Awad, presented the necessary steps in order to reach the goals of the project.