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The Monetary Authority honors their employees in occasion of International Women's Day and Mother's Day

Ramallah – Nisaa FM:

With the support and participation of His Excellency the Governor of the Monetary Authority, Mr. Azzam Al Shawa, the Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA), held a ceremony for the female employees of the Monetary Authority in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in occasion of International Women's Day and Mother's Day.

In his speech at the ceremony, the Governor hailed the prominent role of Palestinian women in the development process and the creation of Palestinian institutions, as well as their outstanding achievements in all fields, especially banking and economic. He stressed that Palestinian women have proven their capability alongside men when it comes to community development, leadership in Palestinian institutions and their success in managing these with progress and positive development.

His Excellency the Governor praised the efforts of all female employees in the banking sector and their role in maintaining its development. He pointed out that the number of employees in the Palestinian Monetary Authority has increased since its establishment in 1995 from eight female employees to 97 female employees in 2018, about 30% In the Monetary Authority of 340 employees and employees.

During the ceremony, honorary gifts were given to the employees of the Monetary Authority in recognition of their efforts.