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Allow the mother of the sick child "Ana'm" to travel from Gaza strip to Ramallah
28 February 2018

Nisaa FM: Waleed Whedan, the official spokesman of the Palestinian Civil Affairs Authority, said that the Israeli occupation forces agreed to allow the mother of the child Anam Al Attar to leave the Gaza Strip to accompany her daughter on her treatment trip in a hospital in Ramallah.

When 13-year-old Annam was released on social networking sites, she moved from the Gaza Strip alone to Ramallah because the occupation prevented her relatives from coming with her to perform a kidney transplant. Many residents of the governorate hurried to embrace the child's unit.

Al-Attar arrived in Ramallah to undergo surgery without her mother. The Israeli occupation prevented her from leaving Gaza and returned her at the Beit Hanoun crossing.

The story of Anam began when she was a year and a half old, when she was feverish and had normal flu symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. Doctors thought she was suffering from drought and flu and gave her the necessary treatment.

 Later, doctors at the Kamal Adwan hospital in Beit Lahia made a television picture of the kidneys, surprising her rare condition.

Anam was transferred to Al-Nasr Children's Hospital to begin a harsh journey of suffering. After several attempts, she was first transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. She began to suffer from high pressure as high as 170/120. To control her blood pressure, she had to take the pills to take the first pill, and she is only 7 years old.

 Al-Attar turned into a public opinion issue in Gaza for the first time and organized media campaigns demanding treatment for her long suffering from the disease.

Al-Attar received a popular and official response to her appeals, after the medical tests proved the possibility of kidney transplant. Yesterday, the girl arrived in Ramallah from the Gaza Strip after Israeli soldiers allowed Enaam to pass through the Erez checkpoint alone.

The child’s uncle Khalid Al-Attar said in a telephone conversation with our radio that Enaam is now in full-body wash, as her illness requires that she be examined twice a day. The procedure will be carried out after several tests.


The child's father, Basil Al-Attar, said that they had been checked in the hospitals in the Gaza Strip and decided on the possibility of presenting them completely. He added that the Ministry of Health ensured the treatment and accommodation and their costs in full and there was a clear interest by the official Palestinian side.

Attar confirmed that for three months they had been trying to obtain a permit to leave the Gaza Strip to the West Bank and conduct the operation without a result, allowing Enaam alone to cross into the West Bank.

The governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Laila Ghannam visited yesterday the child Anam Al-Attar at the Palestinian Medical Complex. She explained that the girl had a wide embrace in Ramallah and many Palestinian families expressed their readiness

She also pointed out that continuous contacts are being made with civil affairs to try to bring her family out of the Strip. Until this happens, the girl will not feel that she is in the arms of her large family of official institutions and the public sectors.