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Minister of National Economy: "Paris economic agreement is useless"
22 February 2018


The Minister of Economy, Abeer Odeh, said Wednesday that the Paris agreement was no longer feasible, and prevents any real economic development.

The minister said that the meeting was aimed at clarifying the Palestinian position towards the Paris agreement, which did not comply with the Israeli occupation authorities in implementing its provisions, which prevented the possibility of establishing a strong Palestinian economy capable of meeting the needs and requirements of citizens, Is supposed to be held periodically to resolve the problems related to the implementation of this agreement.

The minister described the current economic situation and the policies and practices of the Israeli occupation that are stifling the Palestinian economy, especially with regard to preventing the occupation authorities from reaching the areas designated as "C" and depriving them of investment in natural resources. At the same time to the World Bank's report, this highlighted the removal of Israeli impediments to Palestinian GDP. The minister pointed out to the violation by the occupation authorities of the terms of the Paris Agreement on the free movement of goods and individuals, the prohibition of Palestinian customs from being at the crossings provided for in the agreement and the customs of the occupation authorities deducting 3% of the Palestinian revenues in exchange for the collection service, Pointing out at the same time that the commodity lists included in the agreement no longer fit with the requirements of the Palestinian economy, and therefore called for the cancellation and guarantee the freedom and flow of goods and goods.

The minister explained the impact of the discriminatory Israeli occupation policy on increasing the burdens, costs and losses on the Palestinian merchant in the process of import and export compared to the Israeli trader, in addition to the challenges facing the investors resulting from the Israeli occupation measures, indicating that the occupation authorities destroyed many factories and economic establishments, Air conditioners in the northern West Bank, which is a successful investment as the most important factories in the Middle East.

The Minister called for the transformation of the areas designated as (C) into the areas (A), especially the file of the industrial zones, to ensure the establishment and operation of these areas and the free movement of people and goods, as it is a basic infrastructure in building the Palestinian economy of the Palestinian government.