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The Women's Affairs Center holds a workshop in Gaza
21 February 2018

Gaza - Nisaa FM: The Women's Affairs Center in Gaza and the Palestinian Water Authority held a workshop on "Water Conditions in the Gaza Strip and its Implications for Women", in the presence of representatives of the Water Authority and a number of media professionals.

The media coordinator in the center, Samar al-Dremeli, said that this meeting is an update of what was presented and discussed in the meeting organized recently by the center with the Minister of Water M. Mazen Ghoneim to learn about the latest developments in the water sector as a health sector and important and affect all the life in Gaza, as well as to identify the effects on women and their lives and their daily suffering and ways to get out.

For his part, said the official of the coordination unit of the program to supply sustainable water, Marwan al-Bardawil The groundwater aquifer is the only source of water in the Gaza Strip. The groundwater reservoir is depleted at very high rates of withdrawal due to the high population growth and economic development in the sector and the introduction of water-consuming agricultural industries and projects. Help the seawater flow in a reverse direction on the aquifer, which further inflamed it.

The results of the survey of drinking water desalination plants indicated the need to develop an integrated program to monitor the drinking water sold by water vendors, and to ensure that the quality of water used for drinking by the competent laboratories is checked, stressing the importance of community awareness regarding water quality and the necessity of periodic inspection of drinking water from before drinking water vendors; to correct public misconceptions, must also pay for water service; to cover the cost of operating projects and water quality control.

The head of the Water Authority, Mazen Ghoneim, met with a group of journalists during a meeting hosted by the Center for Women's Affairs last week to discuss the strategic plan of the Water Authority in the water sector, during which he answered questions regarding the latest developments related to water and sanitation issues.